Montessori Singapore Combines Hands-On Learning with Fun Experiences

It’s crucial for a child to take the time to learn new things. However, this can be difficult, since almost any child is prone to easy distractions when learning numbers or letters. They aren’t typically responsive to traditional classrooms, where work is handed out, and lessons are taught without fun. A better way to handle it is to choose schools that use the Montessori Singapore method.

The Montessori method combines all the fun of games and activities with the learning that your child needs to do. Your child can learn new things without it ever having to feel as though they’re learning at all. This is a huge peace of mind to the parents and teachers around the kid since they won’t be competing for attention with something more fun.

Simplifying Lessons Through Daily Activity

Daily activities can be an easy way to incorporate both fun and learning into your child’s day. We can easily turn daily tasks into learning opportunities to allow your child to both have fun and learn something new.

Through these activities, your child will have fun while learning. They will gain confidence and curiosity. As their skills improve, you will notice their independence grow with them. Your child, though, may not even realize they are learning. They are just going to be focused on the fun.

Learning Through Simple Concept Games

What preschooler doesn’t enjoy games? By providing games for preschool-aged children, we can further encourage a love of learning. The game doesn’t matter so much as the skills that it represents. For instance, in our classroom, a simple game with toy cars can learn how to count, by simply asking the child how many cars are on the track.

We can use crayons and paper when teaching a child about the different shapes, but we can also use touchable shapes, in various colors. By using manipulatives that can be moved around, we can then encourage counting, sorting, and other skills, using those same shapes. These things are all designed to encourage math skills, and other similar techniques can help them learn other lessons.

Embrace Hands-On Learning

Getting a child to sit down and focus can be difficult. Using the Montessori Singapore method is a simple and easy way for us to grab your child’s attention and teach them new things. It’s so much fun that they’ll never realize that they are gaining valuable skills they can use in the years ahead.

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